Dr Sunderam

Dr. Sunderam is one of the leading Counseling and Relationship Psychologist In India. He is a Post graduate in Counseling & Psychotherapy, he also holds a Ph.D. in Neuro linguistic psychology. He is an expert in pre-marriage counseling, Marriage relationship, Counseling and psychotherapy . Over the past ten years he has helped hundreds of his clients discover a abubdantly fulfilling and rich meaningfull relationships. Dr. Sunderam has worked with prisoners of central jail of Hyderabad. He has treated over thousand of individual and married couples for Depression, stress and emotional disturbed cases. He success comes from different school of therapy like, NLP ,EFT(Emotional freedom therapy) TLT(Time Line therapy) Neureo Semantics , Silva mind control,Enneagram.Etc His articles are available in different newspapers in India. His programs and psychological advice are popular in Indian TV channels. Dr.Sunderam has authored 3 books on counseling in Indian languages. He conducts workshops for couples on a wide range of issues. Dr. Sunderam has pioneered NLP movement in India ,He is passionate about coaching and believes that healthy relationships can add meaning and fulfillment to our lives. His goal is to guide individuals and couples as they implement the skills that will allow their relationships to flourish. Dr. Sunderam does corporate counseling, face to face and online counseling services throughout the world. Phone -91-040-20043989. For further detail, Contact us @ 09640000054.