Welcome to Web camera Counselling ( Through any internet cafe in the world)

 This a counseling method where  both the doctor  and client are available on the computer screen for counseling purpose.A qualified , trained Counselor is available through internet video /web camera for counseling.

What are the advantages of   web camera counseling over"face to face Counseling"?

The quality of service will be same like" face to face counseling," but the advantage is for people who cannot travel,they can be in their city or home with the above facility and take the help of a professional counsellor. 

Who would be my counsellor?
My name is  Dr Sunderam a post Gradute with M.S in Counseling & Psychotherapy, Doctorate in Neuro linguistic psychology. I am in the field for the last 10 years producing successful  results in the counseling world. I have also worked with the prisoners of central jail in Hyderabad. I have authored 3 books in Counseling sharing my therapy experience.I am also featured  in Indiana  Tv media regularly  (www.mindcounselling.com)

What is the procedure for Web camera Counseling ?
1 Talk to me over phone and fix the appointment(09246810468)
2 Give me an email and fix the appointment
3 Get the appointment confirmed through email
4 Honor the appointment with the doctor.

I do not have a computer system with me, how can i avail "Web Cam Counseling ?"
 Go to the internet cafe in your  city and take the help

What help i can get through counseling ?
The areas where counseling can help are  Stress, Adjustment problems, Emotional disorders, Anxiety,Mild Depression, Marriage issues . Relationship Problems, Lacking Confidence and Goal seting, Any confidential  moral support. Forgetting the painful past. Emotional freedom future

What  are  the Counseling limitations?
This cannot help in crisis situations, like suicidal attempts, Chronic depression, psychic patients . 

How should  I contact you for  complimentary session?

Complementary session is available only for the blog subscribers,Please write down 10 emotionally disturbing incidents of your life, email to suntrg@gmail.com,and  plan your appointment wait for your ticket number.(Daily 3 free tickets are only available)

what type of clients are treated at your place ?

pre-marriage for unmarried youth

post marriage counselling for couples